Jefferson’s Monticello

A View from the Garden

After a week of meetings, angry clients and performance reviews, who isn’t excited to leave the bustling city and get a breath of fresh air. Rent a car… or make friends with someone who has one and take a drive to Jefferson’s Monticello and see the modern view of the classic Renaissance Man. Begin your journey in the new Visitors Museum where you will gain an insight into some of Jefferson’s more practical eccentricities. See how his OCD like habits laid the groundwork for what many of us today take for granted from recording the weather to mechanics. Take the ride up to the main house where you have a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Jefferson’s orchards. The house itself is much like a Museum… just as if was in Jefferson’t time. It was used both as a means to entertain guests as much as educate them on what lay beyond their small county. See how the second president of the United States valued privacy in all aspects of life (something many of us should be reminded of today). Lastly, take a stroll through Jefferson’s beautiful flower and vegetable gardens, a marvel in his time and reflect on his great contribution to our history and future.



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